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Women of Punjab

Our rural sisters are not aware of their own needs. They are stuck in a groove with little or no escape. Their health is often neglected, the daily chores are endless, insecurities abound and higher education is a distant dream.

Weak upper and lower body fitness in midlife women linked to depression: Study

The study published in the Journal of the North American Menopause Society evaluates objective measures of physical performance in relation to depression and anxiety in premenopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal women.


J-K: A doctor's crowd funding project to ensure sanitary napkins for poor girls

Dr Auqfeen, who is pursuing her MD in Community Medicine named her crowdfunding project as ‘Panin Fikar’ (Self Care) and she has managed to reach at least 200 poor girls so far.

Women who eat meat less prone to disease: study

Results show that women from Kashmir who consumed up to five non-vegetarian meals a week were found to be at a lesser risk of these diseases irrespective of whether they were suffering from PCOS or were healthy, in comparison to women in Delhi who followed a vegetarian diet.

Social media makes women feel worse about their bodies

Young ladies who like or comment on the social media pictures of people they deemed to be more attractive than themselves are likely to be left feeling worse about their own appearance, says study.

Weight loss surgery may prevent womb cancer in obese women

The study showed that women who had gastric sleeve or bypass surgery for obesity found that precancerous tissue in their womb reverted to normal tissue when they lost weight.


Exercise, low calorie diet may cut stroke risk in menopausal women

Metabolic syndrome describes a cluster of risk factors that increase the chances of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The study showed that physically active women were less likely to get incidents of metabolic syndrome than inactive women.

Drinking more water may cut bladder infections in women

According to the women who drank an additional 1.5 litres of water daily experienced 48 per cent fewer repeat bladder infections than those who drank their usual volume of fluids.

Stress reduces fertility in women: Study

The research also shows that if the link between higher levels of stress and lower odds of conception is a causal association, a small proportion of that association could be due to decreased intercourse frequency and increased menstrual cycle irregularity.

Mediterranean diet may lower stroke risk in middle-aged women

The study shows that the Mediterranean diet may be especially protective in women over the age of 40, regardless of menopausal status or hormone replacement therapy.