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Winston Churchill: How one war turned an unpopular racist into the man of 20th century

The one moment in history that redeemed Churchill of all his flaws was the Second World War. Through awe-inspiring speeches and a fiery spirit to win, Churchill wiped away his unpopularity, saving himself from the disgrace accorded to Hitler and Stalin.

Oscars 2018: Does Darkest Hour accurately portray Winston Churchill?

Churchill is widely posited as the champion of democracy - the man who stopped the advance of Hitler and the Nazis. Some, however, call him the man directly responsible for the Bengal Famine that took the lives of 3 to 4 million people.


Channel 4 documentary alleges Winston Churchill had a 'secret affair'

The documentary has unearthed a 1985 interview with Churchill’s private secretary, Jock Colville, who revealed that he had an affair with Lady Castlerosse, reported Variety.

Watch how Gary Oldman was transformed into Winston Churchill for Darkest Hour

The transformation of Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour was almost magical, and the magician responsible is Kazuhiro Tsuji, a Japanese special effects make-up artist.

Winston Churchill's secret documents to be auctioned in UK

The original printed note by Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty 'The Channel Tunnel document' discusses the feasibility of building a tunnel and considers the risks posed if France were to become England's enemy in 1914.

Michael Gambon to play Winston Churchill in ITV drama

Michael Gambon is set to play Winston Churchill in a new ITV drama about his final years in office.


Lost letter by sister-in-law indicates Winston Churchill's propensity towards Islam

A recently discovered letter allegedly indicates Winston Churchill's propensity towards the Islam.

Rajnath plays Churchill: 'toil for our finest hour'

BJP president Rajnath Singh Saturday asked party workers not to lose hope.

Mahatma Gandhi among leaders most admired by CEOs globally

While Winston Churchill tops list of 10 most admired leaders,Gandhi figures in third position.

Margaret Thatcher more popular than Winston Churchill: UK poll

Thatcher was named as the best of the 13 prime ministers since 1945 by 28 per cent of people.