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Shekhar Kapur's tryst with Shakespeare for 'Will'

Shekhar Kapur is bringing a TV series titled "Will" about the exploits of young William Shakespeare.

Jada Pinkett Smith finds husband Will's Deadshot costume 'hot'

Will Smith says his wife Jada Pinkett Smith feels his Deadshot costume from "Suicide Squad" is "pretty hot".


Women lawyers have to work more to prove themselves: SC Judge Desai

Only 8.4 per cent of all judges in the High Courts are women.

If there's a will,there's a way-to make a Will

"Making a Will made easy" is a self help book written in layman's language.

Young Brits,Hollywood legends meet Will and Kate

Larry Crowne actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Game Of Thrones actor Harry Lloyd were among the up-and-coming British...

MJ’s dad loses inheritance claim

Michael Jackson's father Joe will not inherit any of the King of Pop's assets,a Los Angeles judge has ruled.


Rajmata’s grandchildren produce ‘will’,claim property

After weeks of speculation over the will of the late Rajmata of Jaipur,Gayatri Devi,estimated at around Rs 1,000 crore,her grandchildren Devraj Singh and Lalitya Devi....

Jackson ‘leaves £1.25m for his pal Bubbles the chimp in his will’

Michael Jackson has reportedly left his ex-pet Bubbles the chimp 1.25 million pounds in his will.

Family clueless about his will

Londell McMillan,who was appointed the Jacksons’ attorney by Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson...

Will 'Jai Ho' become millionth English word?

'Jai Ho' and 'Slumdog' will compete with 73 other entries from around the world including 'Octomom' and 'Recessesionista' to become the millionth word of the English language.