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World Elephant Day: Five elephant facts for kids

World Elephant Day: Elephants are led by a grand matriarch or the oldest and usually, the largest female in the herd, which can go from a group of eight to nearly a hundred relatives.

Tripura's best kept secret: three lion cubs born in June

The Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary carries the coveted ‘Clouded Leopard National Park’ tag since 2011 thanks to its successful breeding of the near-extinct animal. This is the only place where the endangered clouded leopard is bred and conserved.


Check out these adorable pictures from the winners of Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest 2018

From a startled owl to a smiling shark and an astonished squirrel, the eight categories of Comedy Wildlife Photography 2018 had forty-one finalists, which were whittled to fourteen winners.

WWF report: ‘Huge impact of human activity, 60 per cent fall in wildlife population’

The report also lists threats from habitat loss and degradation, over-exploitation, climate change, pollution and invasive species.

Punjab: A month after two barn owls went missing from Bathinda zoo, police registers FIR

The chief wildlife warden of Punjab has also issued orders directing all zoos in state to tighten security for owls, snakes (especially red sand boa) and other birds ahead of Diwali.

Time running out for stork with a blocked beak

Two days after a black-necked stork with a bottleneck stuck on its beak was spotted by a birder in Gurgaon’s Basai wetland, a team of rescuers went looking for the bird again on Saturday morning.


Jungle Book

Wildlife biologist and photographer Latika Nath on her first photo book

Wild At Heart

Wildlife biologist Rauf Ali takes on animals, bureaucrats, politicians, policemen, villagers, students, forest officers — and everyone he encounters during the course of his work and research, with point-blank frankness.

Bird survey in Arunachal Pradesh's Upper Siang region identifies 66 new species

A recent bird survey of Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Siang district identifies 66 new species, building a strong case for the maintenance of the traditional shifting cultivation practice of the region's indigenous Adi Tribe.

West Bengal: Tiger dead, officials suspect it was hunted

“The cause of death can only be ascertained after an autopsy. Two wounds have been found on its body, it seems a sharp object has been used to attack the tiger. We will lodge an FIR in Lalgarh police station and file a complaint at Midnapore court,” said a senior forest official.

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Human activity wiped more than half of the world’s vertebrates: News in Numbers

A recent report by the World Wildlife Fund says that human activity wiped out 60% of the world’s vertebrate population between 1970 and 2014.