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Believe it or not, Wikipedia-inspired T-shirts are for real

In order to raise money for the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit and charitable organisation in San Francisco, California, along with Wikipedia released a series of T-shirts with the Wikipedia logo emblazoned on them.

Google blames Wikipedia for linking California GOP to Nazism

Wikipedia's publicly available change logs show that users added the term "Nazism" to the entry for the California GOP twice in the past week. Both changes were reversed by other editors, although the first one wasn't fixed for almost a week.


With a 25-gram box, taking medical knowledge where it is needed most

The Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB), a complete single-board computer with an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot that allows for easy distribution of information from Wikipedia, including crucial medical health information.

Wikipedia introduces 'Page Previews' feature, will make browsing easy

Wikipedia's latest feature, Page Previews, introduced relevant topic information within pages through a pop-up.

YouTube to display Wikipedia blurbs alongside conspiracy videos

In a bid to control conspiracy theories, YouTube is set to add Wikipedia article content to popular videos, in order to confirm their authenticity.

Wikipedia Zero free-of-cost mobile programme killed for developing countries

The Wikimedia Foundation will stop the 'Wikipedia Zero' programme, aimed at providing free-of-cost knowledge results to users on their smartphones.


Wikipedia has a right to pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: US appeals court

The federal appeals court revived a Wikipedia lawsuit claiming that NSA unconstitutionally invades people's privacy rights

Turkish authorities block Wikipedia, cites administrative measures

Turkish authorities blocked online free encyclopedia Wikipedia in the country, citing administrative measures.

Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices

Burger King announced it will televise a commercial that is designed to activate Google voice controlled devices raising questions if marketing tactics have become too invasive.

Wikipedia bots more like humans than expected, claims a study

We may have to devote more attention to bots' diverse social life and their different cultures, researchers said.