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Gunny bag shortage amid bumper wheat harvest triggers blame game in Punjab

Punjab has nearly 18.5 lakh households of farmers, including 10.25 lakh small and marginal farmers who own less than 5 acres of land.

Bonus for wheat could become major election campaign issue in Madhya Pradesh

Congress government claims Centre not allowing payment of extra price to farmers.


NASA-inspired 'speed breeding' technique boosts wheat production by upto 3 times

A NASA technique of providing continuous light to improve crop yields has helped an Australian research team achieve three times higher reproduction in wheat.

Price spiral: A tale of two commodities -- sugar, wheat

A buffer stock for sugar could have been useful today, as it has proved for wheat.

Briefly region: Sangrur tops in wheat production

Sangrur district has topped the country for the second consecutive year in wheat production with a per hectare yield of 5,170 kg,the district deputy commissioner informed officilas of the National Food Security Mission

Punjab stares at deficient paddy,PAU suggests direct seeding

After celebrating a record wheat production,Punjab is lagging behind in paddy cultivation. According to the Department of Agriculture,the deficit is 33 per cent as of now — almost two lakh hectares less than last year


Climate change to affect forest cover: Govt report

Climate Change is going to have an adverse impact on India’s forest cover as well as the wheat production in the future,a government report to the United Nations has said

Foodgrain production all time high

Production of wheat,rice and cotton have broken 60 year record: Sharad Pawar.

With yield static for 4 yrs,experts moot new variety of seeds

With the yield of rabi and kharif crops remaining stagnant for the past four years,there is a need for new variety of seeds to improve farming practices or for some seed treatment,experts told a farmers training cam here.

Govt mulls permitting wheat exports

The government today said it is mulling allowing wheat exports as the country is braced for a record wheat production this year.