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In Jaipur, a question for WhatsApp: How to track the source?

They discussed verification methods through news searches, reverse image searches and fact-checking organisations as well as technical features.

Mumbai: WhatsApp DP helps police crack theft case

Last week, the Agripada police arrested Rita Gorai (40), who worked at the residence of the complainant, for allegedly stealing a gold necklace and recovered the jewellery from one of her relative’s house in West Bengal.

Apple deleting all WhatsApp Stickers apps from App Store: Report

WhatsApp has added support for third-party sticker packs as well, which means developers from around the world can create stickers for the platform

‘Anti-national’ messages shared on WhatsApp group, admin held: Police

Police said the accused had added around 30 Muslim youths from Baghpat to the group, and that it also had several “Pakistan-based” numbers

WhatsApp Stickers are here: How to create your own, add favourites and more

WhatsApp Stickers: Here's how to make your own stickers and add to WhatsApp, how to send and everything else you need to know

WhatsApp testing 'Share contact via QR Code' feature similar to Instagram

WhatsApp is planning to introduce new features for contacts, which includes the 'Share contact via QR Code' feature.

TRAI explores regulation for WhatsApp, Google Duo like apps

Sources said that TRAI's latest consultation paper would impact players like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and Hike, and may also extend to new offerings by Facebook and Twitter.

WhatsApp will soon let you search for stickers on Android

WhatsApp could soon roll out a new stickers search feature for Android

WhatsApp to delete all chats not backed up to Google Drive: What you need to know

WhatsApp will starting deleting all chat histories on Android, which have not been backed up to Google Drive.

WhatsApp will fund 20 research teams to study spread of misinformation globally

WhatsApp believes that since 90 per cent of the messages sent are between two people and group sizes are strictly limited, its focus remains will have to be on educating and empowering users and proactively tackling abuse.

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WhatsApp tricks that you didn't know

WhatsApp has its largest user base here, in India with over 250 million users. There is a lot more you can do on the app than just messaging. We take a look at tips and tricks on Android that will make you a smarter WhatsApp use.

Ravi Shankar Prasad tells Parliament about the plan to control WhatsApp rumours

The Union Minister made an elaborate speech in the Rajya Sabha where he listed out the various incidents of violence - like lynching - which were reported because of rumour-mongering on WhatsApp and laid out the plan to tackle it.


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