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How to lose weight with these 10 simple yoga asanas

How to lose weight series: Yoga postures do not only help calm the mind but is also a greatly effective way to get in shape and lose weight. Here are 10 Yoga postures that will ensure you are on the right path of attaining your desired body weight, if done diligently.

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5 healthy ways to lose weight in 10 days!

Want to lose weight faster? We suggest, avoid dieting. Daily consumption of at least five to six small meals should have the right amount of protein, and healthy fats and should be low in carbohydrates.

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How to lose weight with these 10 high-protein foods

Among other nutrients, protein is most required by the body in order to be healthy and lean. From eggs to green peas, here are some commonly available sources of protein that could help you lose weight.

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Decoded: Why you feel hungrier after weight loss

According to a study, when we lose weight, the stomach releases greater amounts of the ghrelin hormone, which makes us feel hungry. It’s important to know which physiological mechanisms resist weight loss.

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VIDEO: Katrina Kaif is super strict while training Alia Bhatt during a squat exercise session

So when Katrina Kaif posted a video of rigorously training Alia Bhatt as she was in the middle of a squatting exercise, it is bound to be nothing but absolute #fitnessgoals!

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VIDEO: Katrina Kaif’s Pilates session on Instagram is absolute #fitnessgoals

Joining the likes Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Sunny Leone, Katrina Kaif’s latest post is a video that shows her delving into Pilates fitness system, with Ann Toran, a Pilates trainer and celebrity trainer and Pilates master Yasmin Karachiwala.

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Is your teenage daughter on diet pills? It may even lead to death

If your teenage girl is taking diet pills, it may rip apart the stomach lining and could even lead to death.

Looking to lose weight? Drinking more water may help you

Drinking more water can alter messages from the stomach which can be interpreted as fullness by the brain.

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How Aamir Khan followed the calorie-count method to lose around 25kg for Dangal

Aamir Khan said he still follows the old-fashioned calorie count system to stay fit, and that’s the same technique he used to lose weight for his upcoming film.

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Use simple cardio workouts for weight loss

A fitness expert shares some simple cardio workouts to burn calories.

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Weight loss to become as easy as popping a pill?

Losing weight can now be made as easy as swallowing a pill, instead of having to undergo painful procedures.

‘Earlier, my parents used to tell me I am fat all the time. Now, they say that I’m becoming too thin’

After binge eating for years, learning to eat and exercise right.

How I lost weight and got my groove back

How do you deal with life when you have been fat all your life? When no diet works and all the men you like run for the hills, you take it on your double chin.

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Trying to lose weight? Don’t skip the gym

Exercise plays a significant role in the fight against obesity by promoting metabolic function and healthy shifts in gut microbes.

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Aim for long-term workout to sustain weight loss

Long-term participation in a weight-loss programme could be effective in sustaining weight loss and warding off obesity.