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Top WhatsApp alternatives that are worth a try

If you are looking for an alternative, we have listed a few apps that have enough potential to serve you well in the absence of WhatsApp.


China smartphone makers join hands on fast apps, pose threat to Tencent's WeChat

An alliance of 10 chinese smartphone vendors has introduced donwload-free 'fast apps' that directly counter WeChat's 'mini programmes'.

China's WeChat reaches agreement with Apple over app's tipping feature

Tencent's WeChat has reached an agreement to re-introduce the tipping feature in its iOS app. This will enable users to tip content creators directly to their accounts, rather than through WeChat's public account holders.

Tencent's WeChat says it does not store user chats

Denying rumours that 'WeChat is watching your posts everyday', Tencent Holdings, owner of the messaging app, says it doesn't store user data.

Defence Ministry to Indian armed forces: Uninstall these Chinese apps immediately

Ministry of Defence in India has issued a new order to the Indian armed forces asking officers and all security personnel to remove, uninstall over 42 Chinese apps, including Xiaomi's Mi Store, Mi Community, etc


Tencent Holdings using WeChat, games and payment services to create global outreach

China's biggest social network and gaming firm Tencent Holdings is close to making Malaysia the first foreign country to roll out its WeChat ecosystem.

Apple teams up with China's WeChat to accept payments

Following an agreement between Apple and Chinese company Tencent, the US-based company will allow payments through WeChat, one of the most popular payment systems in China, for its App Store and Apple Music.

China investigates top local social media sites in push to control content

Regulators taken down popular celebrity gossip social media accounts and there has also been a sweeping campaign to remove virtual private network apps that allow users to circumvent China's so-called 'Great Firewall' and access foreign websites.

WeChat launches new feature to fight fake news

The programme will also function as a social game, ranking users based on how many rumour-debunking articles they have read. Users will also be notified if a news item they send to their friends is later found to be false. WeChat has more than 900 million active users in China.