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‘66 of 97 towns along Ganga have at least one drain flowing into river’

The report points out that only 19 towns across the Ganga basin had a municipal solid waste plant within the town, and in 33 towns, assessors found solid waste floating on at least one of the ghats of the town.

A simple guide to things you shouldn't flush down the toilet

Wondering what is safe to flush or wash down the drain? We spoke with several wastewater management experts who explained why many frequently disposed items belong in a garbage can, not the toilet.


World Environment Day: 3 women to row 3,000 miles across Atlantic to take action against plastic pollution

They believe that monumental changes can take place through small behavioural tweaks. Like for instance, swapping a plastic straw for a reusable stainless steel one or simply using a cloth bag for shopping instead of plastic.

Responsibility of industries to control water pollution, says Amarinder Singh

Environment Minister O P Soni said that no state or nation could progress and prosper in the absence of a clean and green environment and the mission would go a long way in enabling such an environment in Punjab.

Cities at Crossroads: Who pays to save this lake?

Bengaluru waterbody, Jakkur, restored by a citizen’s initiative, now stands to be deprived of water by a power plant, raising questions about making environmentally sound practices economically viable.

Cities at Crossroads: Bring back the lakes

Citizen action on rejuvenation of water bodies is gathering momentum in Bengaluru and is making a difference on the ground.


Three water bodies have high levels of organic matter, aquatic life in danger: UT report

Biochemical oxygen demand found to be very high at several points in 2016 in Sukhna, Dhanas, Sector 42 lake

Amid scarcity, report finds 26% of water sources in Kerala are 'completely' polluted

'A Study Report on Status of Water Resource' has found solid waste accounted for 53% of pollution of water sources, liquid waste 16.97% and household waste 23.24%

Maharashtra to look at ways to make sea water potable

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said in the state legislative council on Friday that the government will prepare a project report to study the feasibility of purifying sea water to use it as drinking water in the city.

Fluoride content in water high in 17 districts of Chhattisgarh

As of April 1, 2015, the department has set a target to provide clean drinking water in fluoride affected 78 hamlets and villages

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Fishermen in Rameswaram wary of venturing into polluted sea waters

Rameswaram, Feb 28 (ANI): Untreated sewage, factory waste and other pollutants have turned the waters of Agni Tirtham beach in Rameswaram into black sludge. The fishermen community in Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram complained that their repeated pleas to clean the beach and its surroundings have fallen on deaf ears. With garbage floating on the water, it has become difficult for fishermen to go fishing. The farmers also fear that the chemicals from factory waste could prove hazardous. Water pollution not only affects fishermen directly but the untreated sewage and chemicals endanger marine life. The fishing community in turn incurs huge loss as more and more fish die due to polluted water.