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Water risks likely to aggravate banks’ bad loan crisis: WWF

According to NITI Aayog, the current water crisis in the country is its ‘worst ever’. With water being a shared resource, what the country requires is a comprehensive and sustainable water management plan by various stakeholders, the WWF report said.

Gujarat to get nearly 2 million acre feet less water from Narmada

Normally, Gujarat gets around 9 MAF water from the Narmada river basin as per the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal's final award in 1979.


Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest

The task of fetching water for cleaning, cooking and washing falls on women. With women also tending the fields as men migrate to cities in search of jobs, the burden is even greater, said Nirja Bhatnagar, a regional head of the charity ActionAid.

Parched: Delhi doesn't have enough water for its ever-growing needs

The AAP government has maintained that it will, unlike the previous Congress government, not privatise water supply.

Niti Aayog report: India suffering worst water crisis

Citing data by independent agencies, the report pointed out that with nearly 70 per cent of water being contaminated, India is placed at 120th among 122 countries in the water quality index.

Shimla water crisis: HC says no preferential treatments to VIPs; civic body snaps illegal connections

Meanwhile, the tourism industry in Shimla has also been massively hit as tourists are canceling their visits to the hill-station. Local residents have also expressed their anger on social media in the last few days, with some asking tourists to stay away from Shimla.


Shimla water crisis: High Court pulls up civic body for failing to carry out its orders

Shimla water Shortage: The court has also summoned Secretary, Irrigation and Public Health, to know details of availability of the water from all the sources in Shimla. The HC sought compliance on its orders to create a dedicated WhatsApp group to keep a close eye on zone-wise distribution of the water.

Shimla water crisis: High Court orders to cut off water supply to hotels with pending dues, protests by locals continue

Himachal Pradesh High Court directed Commissioner of Shimla Municipal Corporation to disconnect water supplies to hotels which have defaulted in clearing their dues.

Findings by Central Ground Water Board: Groundwater level depleting in Chandigarh, decreased 4 metre in year, says Report

“It has become important for the city to have an alternative source of water. For the additional demand of water which goes upto 120 mgd in summers, the city depends on tubewells and at one point of time, they will go dry because groundwater level is going down,” said an official.

Madhya Pradesh stares at acute water shortage

The Narmada river traverses a total distance of 1,312 km before flowing into the Arabian Sea in Gujarat. It covers 1,077 km in Madhya Pradesh and the rest in Gujarat.

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Residents irked as Delhi water crisis continues

New Delhi, Feb 24 (ANI): Water woes continued to haunt residents of New Delhi even after supply in many areas was restored a day after Jat protestors damaged a key water source of the national capital. Expressing disappointment, slum dweller Raju said people are facing water crisis as there is no fixed time of arrival of water tankers. Another slum dweller Rukma Devi said they sit on roads all day with utensils but there is no supply of water, adding that there is dearth of drinking water.