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Groundwater depletes in 279 talukas, Marathwada worst hit

Of the 76 talukas in Marathwada’s eight districts, 72 are facing serious depletion in groundwater levels, with more than 5,000 villages in this region recording a dip of more than one metre when compared to the five-year average.

‘Give us water, else we won’t vote’: Voters have one dry demand from parties in Kerala’s Kuttanad

Just ten days away from the general elections, across villages in the state's primary rice belt, the absence of a permanent infrastructure to supply safe drinking and potable water to households remains a pivotal issue for voters.


Africa is running out of water as cities' populations boom

Cities and towns in several other African nations including Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast have been plagued by similar water shortages in recent months.

Water risks likely to aggravate banks’ bad loan crisis: WWF

According to NITI Aayog, the current water crisis in the country is its ‘worst ever’. With water being a shared resource, what the country requires is a comprehensive and sustainable water management plan by various stakeholders, the WWF report said.

Gujarat to get nearly 2 million acre feet less water from Narmada

Normally, Gujarat gets around 9 MAF water from the Narmada river basin as per the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal's final award in 1979.

Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest

The task of fetching water for cleaning, cooking and washing falls on women. With women also tending the fields as men migrate to cities in search of jobs, the burden is even greater, said Nirja Bhatnagar, a regional head of the charity ActionAid.


Parched: Delhi doesn't have enough water for its ever-growing needs

The AAP government has maintained that it will, unlike the previous Congress government, not privatise water supply.

Niti Aayog report: India suffering worst water crisis

Citing data by independent agencies, the report pointed out that with nearly 70 per cent of water being contaminated, India is placed at 120th among 122 countries in the water quality index.

Shimla water crisis: HC says no preferential treatments to VIPs; civic body snaps illegal connections

Meanwhile, the tourism industry in Shimla has also been massively hit as tourists are canceling their visits to the hill-station. Local residents have also expressed their anger on social media in the last few days, with some asking tourists to stay away from Shimla.

Shimla water crisis: High Court pulls up civic body for failing to carry out its orders

Shimla water Shortage: The court has also summoned Secretary, Irrigation and Public Health, to know details of availability of the water from all the sources in Shimla. The HC sought compliance on its orders to create a dedicated WhatsApp group to keep a close eye on zone-wise distribution of the water.

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Locals Fight Over Water, 7 Injured

Seven persons were left injured in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district when a clash broke out while people were collecting water from tankers. Following an argument over water distribution, the locals thrashed each other using rods. All the injured were hospitalised and given medical assistance. An FIR has been registered against four persons with regard to […]

Water Crisis: Hospital Turns Away Dialysis Patients

Amid acute water crisis, a Dhanbad hospital was forced to turn away patients coming for dialysis treatment in the last two days. The Patliputra Medical College Hospital’s administration is utilising the minimal available water on priority basis. The region is facing consistent water crisis from the last few years.


Elephants Go Thirsty After Acute Water Crisis

It is not only human beings who are facing extreme heat these days in Rajasthan but elephants too in Amer village of Jaipur are victim of such climatic conditions. Most of the water bodies in the village have totally dried up, thus resulting in water shortage for the elephants. Elephant owner said the animal requires […]

Centre working on water law to restrict use, says Uma Bharti

THE Centre is working on a legislation to restrict the unregulated use of freshwater across the country, according to Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti. Speaking at The Indian Express Idea Exchange event, Bharti said that in future, people would need to rely more on treated water, and use freshwater only for limited purposes. See more.

Residents irked as Delhi water crisis continues

New Delhi, Feb 24 (ANI): Water woes continued to haunt residents of New Delhi even after supply in many areas was restored a day after Jat protestors damaged a key water source of the national capital. Expressing disappointment, slum dweller Raju said people are facing water crisis as there is no fixed time of arrival of water tankers. Another slum dweller Rukma Devi said they sit on roads all day with utensils but there is no supply of water, adding that there is dearth of drinking water.