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Old habits die hard: Only 30% Chandigarh residents segregate waste

The waste collectors have now decided that they will give three warnings to the residents to give the segregated waste, and after that they will not accept the mixed waste and will also inform the sanitary inspector concerned to issue a challan.

Bengaluru: BBMP to slap hefty fines to tackle trash, boost cleanliness

While citizens will be fined for spitting and urinating in public spaces, non-segregation of garbage, illegal dumping and concrete waste will also attract heavy penalties from now on.


New Delhi: 11 girls become Safai Champs to lead waste segregation drive

As a part of the initiative, the girls provide cardboard boxes to each household they are monitoring, in which they ask the owners to dispose of the non-biodegradable waste.

From the Wasteland

An exhibition captures the lives of waste pickers from across the world.

What urban waste has to do with global warming

Recycling, composting and biomethanation will not only make landfills unnecessary, they will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Experts dig for alternate solutions for solid waste management in Mumbai

Use of saline water on mounds of garbage would reduce the genesis of bacteria that generates methane. T


ALM groups to be roped in for waste segregation at source

“The ALMs who are given their powers and recognised by the BMC have increasingly forgotten their responsibilities and are instead becoming activists and are busy filing RTI applications. They will have to actively participate in the initiative of promoting waste segregation in every household. If they do not, they could lose their status as an ALM."

BMC to start campaign to raise awareness on waste segregation

The civic administration has allocated around Rs 44 crore to increase awareness among citizens regarding waste management.

HC: Ensure waste segregation by citizens is central to new rules

The PIL claims an attempt to dump segregation of waste by citizens as a key component of municipal solid management.

For waste segregation,civic body targets young minds

With awareness campaigns and even threats to invoke penal action not making citizens segregate waste at source before handing it over for disposal,the PMC has changed its strategy.