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US fines Japan Airlines $300,000 over long flight delays

Under an agreement with the Transportation Department, the airline gets credit for $60,000 spent compensating passengers, and $120,000 will be waived if the airline avoids similar incidents for one year.

US House Homeland Security panel head says Trump words endanger lawmakers

Representative Bennie Thompson, in a letter to Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger who heads the police board, cited "heightened threats" to four House Democrats who have come under attack by Trump, as well as other members of Congress.


China's economy growth cools further amid US tariff war

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed last month to resume negotiations. But economists warn the truce is fragile because the two sides face the same array of disagreements that caused talks to break down in May.

Indian businessman charged in US with drug smuggling, money laundering offenses

Jeetendra Harish Belani, aka Jeetu, from Mumbai who has been charged with an eight-count indictment and faces a maximum sentence of not more than twenty years in prison, a fine of not more than USD 1 million or both.

Russia to Washington: Drop Middle East troop plan and stop provoking Iran

Russia told the United States on Tuesday to drop what it called provocative plans to deploy more troops to the Middle East and to cease actions that looked like a conscious attempt to provoke a war with Iran.

Record 2,500 register for International Yoga Day event at Washington monument

For the third time, the Washington Monument – that faces the National Mall overlooking the US Congress – would host the International Yoga Day celebrations.


Companies see climate change hitting their bottom lines in the next 5 years

Under pressure from shareholders and regulators, companies are increasingly disclosing the specific financial effects they could face as the planet warms.

House set to approve sweeping bill to expand gay rights

Most Republicans oppose the bill and call it another example of government overreach. At a news conference Thursday, they said the bill would jeopardize religious freedom by requiring acceptance of a particular ideology about sexuality and sexual identity.

North Korea fires two suspected missiles in possible new warning

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the weapons flew 420 kilometers (260 miles) and 270 kilometers (167 miles), respectively. It said it is working with the United States to determine more details, such as the types of weapons that were fired.

US Attorney General will not recuse himself from Mueller probe

William Barr said he would allow Mueller to finish his inquiry and would make as many of its findings public as he can.. Mueller is widely expected to finish his investigation in the coming weeks.

Washington Photos

Heavy rains strand Washington drivers, flood White House basement

Water entered into the press workspace in the basement near the White House's West Wing as government employees worked to drain puddles of standing water with wet vacuum cleaners.

Spring is here; and so are the beautiful cherry blossoms

For the Western world, and Japan in the East, the blooming of cherry blossoms usually means Spring is here. Especially in Washington, where people step out to admire the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin.


US pays tributes and remembers victims on 9/11 anniversary

Yachiyo Kuge, mother of Toshiya Kuge who was a passenger on Flight 93, places origami birds near his name, at the Wall of Names at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville.

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Washington can be a little depressing, says Obama

US President Barack Obama appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” saying that Washington DC “can sometimes be a little depressing.”