Warsaw News

My heart beats for Warsaw: Soak in the legacy of musical maestro Fryderyk Chopin

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Chopin, the musical legend who grew up in Poland’s capital city.

Critics storm Poland's electoral body over delays

Dozens of protesters stormed Poland's main voting commission and occupied the building Thursday night.


State’s training programme for women representatives wins UN acclaim

With the state training approximately 10,000 women in ten districts of the state,UN Women had invited State Election.

Gold and the Beautiful

She considers herself lucky for clearing the audition and getting an opportunity to perform as the official DJ at the recently concluded Euro 2012 Championship Cup.

Players at last set to take Euro centre stage

We're in the midst of a serious crisis and,in one sense,football is a good thing for it: Xavi

Tale of three cities

What could be the connection between Berlin,Mumbai and Warsaw? It is a book by Rosa Luxemburg titled The Accumulation of Capital (1913).


Tripple Effect

On a map,Mumbai,Warsaw and Berlin appear as points marked on two different time zones.

Escaping history

My first thought,hearing of the Polish tragedy,was that history’s gyre can be of an unbearable cruelty,decapitating Poland’s elite twice in the same cursed place,Katyn.