Walnut News

Type 2 diabetes: Know how this nut can help control blood sugar

The key to disease prevention lies in healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Eating walnuts daily may lower blood pressure in people at risk of developing cardiovascular disease: Study

The research, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, examined the effects of replacing some of the saturated fats in participants' diets with walnuts.


Eating walnuts may help fight breast cancer: Study

The study, published in the journal Nutrition Research, found that consumption of two ounces of walnuts a day for about two weeks significantly changed gene expression in confirmed breast cancers.

Why diabetic patients should include walnuts in their diet

As walnuts are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid — a healthy omega-3 fatty acid — it might improve diabetic neuropathy, which is a complication of diabetes that results in damaged nerves.

Walnut app: The app that lets you find an active ATM nearby

Walnut, which is primarily a personal finance tracking app, has seen a tremendous response after it launched the ATM tracking feature.