Wagah-Attari border

Wagah-Attari border News

Recalling the spirit of Lahore

This face to face meeting played an important role in resuming the dialogue process.

Sharma to travel to Pak only after movement on MFN

Pakistan had agreed to dismantle the negative list of 1,209 items, thereby opening gates for all of Indian goods into the neighbouring state.


'Awareness of trade policies lower in Pak'

Survey says neither nations perceived country labels to have any negative impact on trade flows.

East emulates west: Wagah's custom of friendship now at Indo-Bangla border

The move is looked upon as a chance to build friendship and reduce trouble on the border.

Home ministers to open maiden Indo-Bangla retreat ceremony

Drill,cultural programmes to mark the day.

Across the Radcliffe Line: Reconnecting the Punjab

Open door for bilateral trade could help alter politics of India-Pak relations in both countries.


Group visas,easier travel in new pact to be signed with Pak today

The previous agreement,signed in 1974,had come in the backdrop of the 1971 war.

Coming,a tourist visa to Pak,easier travel for businessmen,elderly,kids

Home Secy talks,May 24-25: Liberalised regime proposes visa-on-arrival at Wagah-Attari.