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Wooing the vulture: Tracing 15 years of journey in Pinjore

Vultures were listed as critically endangered species by IUCN. In the 1980s, the vulture population in the country was estimated about in crores but by 2007, a 99 percent declined was reported in the number of these three species.

White-rumped vultures make a comeback in Kangra

Vulture's decline was attributed to the use of diclofenac drug which was later banned.


Keeping a hawk’s eye on vultures, through video cameras

Researchers set up 24x7 live video-recording facility near nests on a cliff in Western Ghats.

How vultures dine on rotting flesh? They have the guts

The researchers examined the community of microbes, or microbiome, living in the gut of 50 vultures of the two species.

Vultures to be bred at 8 more centres

Six hundred pairs of each of the three critically endangered species — white backed, long billed and slender billed — will be released.

At Katerniaghat sanctuary,19 vulture eggs spotted

There is some good news about the vulture population in the state. In the egg-laying season for vultures in April,the authorities have already sighted 19 eggs of White-backed Vultures and estimated a population of around 100 vultures in the Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.


City NGOs to join vulture awareness day celebrations

September 5 will be celebrated as International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD-09) worldwide. Several NGOs,including some based here plan to celebrate the event by creating awareness about vulture conservation in the region.