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Worried about your Vitamin D levels? Bank on these superfoods for your daily dose

If you are worried about your levels of Vitamin D and want to ensure you have enough of it without having to spend time outdoors, here are some foods you can bank on for a good supply of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D and fish oil supplements do not lower rates of cancer: Study

The latest study tilted VITAL - a Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial, states that Vitamin D and fish oil supplements do not play any significant part in preventing cancer or heart diseases.


Vitamin D supplements don't boost bone health, study suggests

The latest research, published in the Lancet Diabetes And Endocrinology, analyzed data from 81 trials, involving more than 53000 people, that tried to establish if over-the-counter supplements help in fractures, falls and bone density at all. 

Is Vitamin D deficiency an urban myth?

How is it that till even a decade ago, we never heard of illnesses caused by Vitamin D deficiency? We can thank Boston University endocrinologist, Dr Michael Holick for this new awareness.

Almost 70 per cent north Indian women are more prone to Type 2 diabetes due to lack of Vitamin D

A new study has established that despite exposure to an adequate amount of sunshine, 70% pre-diabetic women in north India lack Vitamin D that makes them more prone to develop Type-2 diabetes.

Vitamin D rich diet may lower cholesterol level in kids

A new research suggests having a diet rich in Vitamin D may help reduce cholesterol levels in children and have a positive impact on other risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases.


Vitamin D could help treat diabetes: study

"We know that diabetes is a disease caused by inflammation. In this study, we identified the vitamin D receptor as an important modulator of both inflammation and beta cell survival," a researcher said.

Vitamin D during pregnancy may prevent asthma in kids : Study

A new study claims that intake of Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy strengthens the immune system of the babies and lowers their risk of developing respiratory diseases.

Will ban burqa as it stops vitamin D intake from sunlight : UKIP

Citing that Burqas prevent intake of essential Vitamin D from Sunlight, the UK Independence Party has pledged to ban them in its general election manifesto.

Vitamin D may help cut body fat in infants: Study

The study indicated a correlation between lean muscle mass and the average level of Vitamin D in the body.