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A floating panda, tai chi in China: Learning Mandarin in a VR classroom

The Project Aims To Augment Collaborative Learning With A.I. Agents, Simulated Environments

Virtual reality can spot early symptoms of Alzheimer's: Study

VR could also help clinical trials of future drugs aimed at slowing down, or even halting, progression of Alzheimer's disease, researchers said.


This gym in San Francisco lets you work out while playing a video game

Those who come to exercise are given an individual room. There, they are provided with a VR headset and wearable devices. These help in tracking their hand positioning while they work out.

Virtual reality can help improve quality of life for dementia patients, study

These memories not only provided positive mental stimulation for the patients but helped their caregivers learn more about their lives before care, thereby improving their social interaction.

Virtual reality may help treat autism, Parkinson's: Study

The study will help researchers to understand how these deficiencies might be acquired, and how to recalibrate time perception in the brain.

Virtual reality system allows you to 'fly' through cancer tumour

The advance paves the way for better understanding cancer, and developing new treatments for it.


AR, VR adoption to pick up in 3 years: Report

A shortage of in-house expertise and insufficient back-end infrastructures are significant barriers to growth of these technologies.

Scientists use virtual reality to help amputees feel prosthetics as part of their body

The setup is portable and could one day be turned into a therapy to help patients embody their prosthetic limb permanently.

Albert Einstein's virtual avatar may boost cognitive abilities: Study

People with low self-esteem can boost their cognition when they find themselves in a virtual reality avatar of Albert Einstein's body, as per a study.

HP revs up Z4 workstation, unveils VR headset

HP has announced new models to its Z4 workstation series, and a virtual reality headset, the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Professional Edition.

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MCW 2016 Day 2: Virtual Reality Devices Go Mainstream

That photo of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg walking into a hall full of people glued into Samsung Gear VR devices would be one of the most stunning photographs you will ever see from the world of technology. It is also the one picture that captures this edition of Mobile World Congress the best. Virtual Reality could […]