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Virgin Galactic unveils new spaceport mission control

Space tourism takes another step towards reality with Virgin Galactic's mission control center. The facility aims to connect paying customers to the business of space travel before launching them into the final frontier.

Virgin Galactic's first test passenger gets commercial astronaut wings

Virgin Galactic’s first test passenger received her commercial astronaut wings from the US aviation regulator on Tuesday after flying on the company’s rocket plane to evaluate the customer experience in February.


Virgin Galactic spacecraft sets new speed, altitude record

Carrying a third crew member on board for the first time, a Virgin Galactic spacecraft has touched the edge of space for the second time in three months, achieving the highest speed and altitude to date, the US-based company claimed.

Virgin Galactic tourism rocket ship reaches space in test

The supersonic flight takes Virgin Galactic closer to turning the long-delayed dream of commercial space tourism into reality. The company aims to take paying customers on the six-passenger rocket, which is about the size of an executive jet.

Virgin territory

Richard Branson could become a pioneer in the space business, and he’s done it by playing safe.

Virgin Galactic conducts 9th unpowered test flight

Virgin Galactic successfully conducted another unpowered test flight of its space tourism spacecraft over the Southern California desert, .The glide flight incorporated a special ballast tank filled with water to check handling qualities with added weight and a rear centre of gravity.


Virgin Galactic looks to resume tests in 2015

The head of the space tourism company says test flights could resume as early as next summer.

Rihanna to travel to space?

Rihanna has got herself on the waiting list of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

Kate Winslet's baby offered space flight

Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll have secured a seat on the first trip into space.

Space tourism won't hurt atmosphere: Branson

over 500 people have already reserved seats for a minutes-long suborbital flight on SS2

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Virgin Galactic unveils new spaceship after deadly crash

Virgin Galactic, the space tourism company owned by British billionaire Richard Branson, unveiled a new commercial spaceship, more than a year after its predecessor crashed and killed one of its pilots.