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Making a difference: Meet the Cummins India associate who teaches yoga, vipassana to children, bureaucrats and even prisoners

It was in 2000 that he was introduced to vipassana that virtually transformed his lifestyle.

Now Manish Sisodia asks media to go for 'vipassana'

"The entire media needs vipassana," said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.


Who was Vipassana guru S N Goenka

If they know and practice Vipassana,my purpose is served: S N Goenka

‘Vipassana was like coming home’

S.N. Goenka brought the Buddha's teaching of ‘living wisdom’ back to the country of its birth.

Vipassana guru S N Goenka dies

Goenka is survived by his wife Elaichidevi,also a co-teacher of meditation,and six sons.

Health Corner

Constant stress has led to an unhappy population,and experts estimate that by 2015,40 per cent of the population will suffer from some sort of mental disorder due to the stressful lives we lead.


‘Destiny is like a bank account’

Subhash Chandra,Chairman of Essel Group,says he has progressed more in the twenty years that he has been practicing Vipassana.