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Man arrested after attack on children in rare violence in China's capital

Violent crime is rare in China but there has been a series of knife and axe attacks in recent years, many targeting children.

No fresh violence in Kasganj; operations intensified to nab 2 accused

On Wednesday in Shahjahanpur, three people were injured after volunteers clashed among themselves during a 'Tiranga' rally being taken out by some Hindu organisations, police said. Two persons were arrested following the incident.


AMU campus violence: Research scholar held, 11 students suspended as CCTV clip nails 15

Based on CCTV footage, police identified the troublemakers, some of them former students, who had set the Proctor’s office and the Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) office on fire.

Fatehpur: 27 held day after clashes

Heavy police force, including PAC personnel, has been deployed in Jahanabad. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Friday said stern action will be taken if there is any laxity in handling the situation.

Malda violence: An opportunity for BJP to play 'soft Hindutva'

The Malda incident has thus developed communal overtones. The BJP had to play up the issue because of its vote base and sensed that this could have a major impact on the state.

Malda violence: BJP fact finding team turned back, move triggers verbal duel

"This act of West Bengal government is condemnable," Yadav said as the MPs were forced to return by Howrah-bound Shatabdi Express.


Exposure to violence adversely affects children's mental health

Children exposed to violence while growing up are three times more likely to suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.

Ukraine clash: Death toll from violent protest rises to 3

Ukrainian nationalists strongly oppose changing the constitution, saying that would threaten the country's sovereignty and independence.

Ukraine clashes: Parliamentary coalition shows cracks after a right-wing party threatens exit

About 140 people were hospitalized following the violence, most of them law enforcement officers, the Interior Ministry said.

Deliberate attempts made by BJP, CPI(M) to spread violence: Home Minister

In Thrissur, BJP worker Abhilash was hacked to death allegedly by CPI (M) men. Two CPI (M) activist were taken into custody in connection with the murder.

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Why the Maratha agitation keeps coming back

The Marathas, a third of the population of Maharashtra, began to agitate for their demands a little less than two years ago. While the current phase of renewed protests ended, the agitation is far from over.

Ravi Shankar Prasad tells Parliament about the plan to control WhatsApp rumours

The Union Minister made an elaborate speech in the Rajya Sabha where he listed out the various incidents of violence - like lynching - which were reported because of rumour-mongering on WhatsApp and laid out the plan to tackle it.


Saying Afzal Guru's conviction was wrong is not sedition: Sorabjee

New Delhi, Feb 16 (ANI): Former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee on Monday reacted over the JNU issue by saying that any criticism against the government does not entail sedition. He further said that the slogans raised in JNU cannot come under the radar of sedition. He added that if there is any incitement of violence, then sedition can be charged and its upto the court to decide the facts. He also went on saying that if someone says that conviction of Afzal Guru was wrong, that's not sedition because sedition is one of the most serious offences.

Politicians react over former DU lecturer's arrest

New Delhi, Feb 16 (ANI): Reacting over the arrest of former Delhi University lecturer SAR Geelani, Congress leader P.C. Chacko said the police cannot act in disproportionate manner. He added that before arresting the lecturer, police should assure whether he was involved in the incident or not. He further said that the police should not proceed without clear evidence as the action was taken in a hurry. Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nalin Kohli said any issue that involves violence is not right and should be seen by the court of law. He added that the incident happened on Monday evening should be investigated thoroughly as this was already said by the Delhi police commissioner.