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The 45-year-old Michelin starred Indian chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer Vikas Khanna is one of the leading personalities not only in India but is famous among the global audience too. His childhood love for cooking took him from the streets of Punjab to work with the Taj, Oberoi, Welcomgroup, and Leela Group of Hotels and with some of the most influential chefs of the world including Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Based in New York, Khanna was referred to

as the "The Hottest Chef of America" and got his name on the list of the Sexiest Men Alive in the People magazine in 2011. Though entering the Indian television a little later in his career, it did not take time for him to become Indian audience's favorite chef too. It all began with Masterchef-2. He later appeared in the following three seasons too. As a lesser known fact to many, he is also involved with charitable and social welfare organizations like South Asian Kid's Infinite Vision (SAKIV) and Smile Foundation.

Vikas Khanna News

Michelin-Star chef Vikas Khanna's directorial debut screened at UN

On the screening of the movie, Khanna said that his work being showcased at the UN “is one of the highest compliments” and he is proud that through the film, there can be a conversation about widows, and their empowerment.

Chef Vikas Khanna reunites with Muslim family that sheltered him during Mumbai riots

In 2017, Vikas Khanna had revealed in an interview about how he has been observing a day's fast every year during Ramadan for a Muslim family that gave him shelter during the Mumbai riots of 1992. This year, he has been reunited with the family.


Chef Vikas Khanna launches book 'A Tree Named Ganga'; leads 'Gift a Tree' campaign

Chef Vikas Khanna launched his 28th book 'A Tree Named Ganga' and led the campaign 'Gift a Tree', with more than 250 schoolchildren by planting saplings in Delhi. 

VIDEO: Punjabi man, who can float for 13 hrs, impresses Vikas Khanna with ability to eat, drink while floating

"Had to be about food when coming from my hometown," read a part of Vikas Khanna's Instagram post that also contained a video of Jhujar Singh floating in water with onlookers around him.

Vikas Khanna's post of this guy's brilliant 'fashion life hack' has left Twitterati in splits

Renowned chef Vikas Khanna shared an interesting life hack for all those who need a formal picture for their CVs but don't have the right outfit. And the tip is as witty as it is hilarious.

Girl who lost her hands in a blast cooks for the first time; finds a fan in Vikas Khanna

Malvika Iyer added another feather to her hat when she made a mix-veg subzi for the first time, all on her own! She shared her happiness of having made the dish, on Facebook and Twitter, that caught the attention of none other than Vikas Khanna!


Chef Vikas Khanna believes the 'unifying power of food was stronger even before religion came into being'

Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna on his debut documentary film that was showcased at the Cannes film festival and his forthcoming book on spices.

Chef Vikas Khanna's documentary ‘Kitchens of Gratitude’ to premiere at Cannes

The documentary, which will premiere at Cannes on May 14, is based on Chef Vikas Khanna's ideology that that food has always been the thread that brings people together.

Does chicken tikka have a nationality?

As a part of the desi diaspora in Dubai, Indians and Pakistanis live and work together like buddies, letting go of historical claims — like the chicken tikka, that has people of all nationalities going gaga over it.

Vikas Khanna cooks up new storybook for kids

Called "The Milk Moustache", the book's story is about children of the village who one day refuse to drink milk, which makes Kali, the cow, very sad.

Vikas Khanna Videos

Kitchen, Khanna & Konversations: When Vicky Kaushal ate grasshoppers

Vicky Kaushal will be a guest on Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna's show Kitchen, Khanna & Konversations. In this exclusive video, the Uri actor reveals his strangest food experience. Kaushal also talks about his meal plan for a day.