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View from the Left: Delhi verdict

The election debacle has now forced the BJP leaders to say that the Delhi result is not a referendum on the Modi government at the Centre.

View from the left

The CPI(ML)’s ML Update has said the campaign is “intended to demolish the dignified existence and rights of religious minorities in India”.


View from the left: In cahoots

The editorial also alleges that the TMC is “whipping up communal passions hoping to garner the support of the minorities”, as it fears the Left’s resurgence.

View from the left: RSS and Palestine

BJP argument that solidarity with Palestine is tantamount to ‘appeasement’ of Muslims in India” makes it worse.

View from the left: Rewriting history

The earlier BJP-led NDA government suffered from coalition compulsions.

View from the left: Not so good

The president’s address itself says contained neither a roadmap nor details of this government’s priorities. “Good governance has many attributes.


View from the left: Usual agenda

In its editorial, People’s Democracy claims this phenomenon gained momentum before the last two phases of the Lok Sabha election.

View from the left: Communal agenda

“The recent speeches and utterances of the BJP/ RSS leaders are revealing the Hindu chauvinist and communal character of the campaign.”

View from the left: Manifest BJP

The editorial says the second substantive point in the manifesto is “its economic agenda”.

View from the left: Election expenses

“The volume of money and resources already spent are, indeed, humongous — a scale that independent India has never seen before.”