Venus News

Giant pattern discovered in clouds of Venus

Venus is often called Earth's twin because of their similar size and gravity, but the climate on Venus is very different.

ISRO calls for global proposals to carry experiments on Venus mission

The broad areas of research that ISRO plans to explore in its Venus mission include surface, subsurface and atmosphere of the planet, as well as its interaction with the Sun.


Venus, Jupiter conjunction tomorrow: Set your alarms for 45 minutes before sunrise

Venus, Jupiter conjunction: It is, however, not the first time this celestial event has occurred.  It happens every 13 months. with 2016 being the latest. 

Mysterious night side of Venus revealed for first time

Scientists have characterised wind and cloud patterns of the night side of planet Venus for the first time, and found that it behaves very differently from the part facing the Sun.

Venus, Jupiter to converge tonight to set up one amazing night show

The main event occurs on June 30 and according to NASA that night the difference between Venus and Jupiter is 1/3rd of a degree

First plane to fly through Venus in the offing

A Virginia-based global aerospace company is planning to build a plane that will fly through Venus's atmosphere in 2021.


Indian startup aims to sell portable washing machines at Rs 1,500

Venus mini portable washing machine can be mounted on any plastic bucket to wash all types of laundry.

NASA releases stunning natural-colour images of Saturn,Earth

The new panoramic mosaic of the majestic Saturn system taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Earth might have 'captured' Moon from Venus

Theory is based on similar composition of Earth and Venus and Earth's gravitational pull.

NASA may send sail-powered rover to Venus

The rover,nicknamed Zephyr,would spend most of its time on Venus doing analysis on the ground.