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Monday, August 10, 2020



Trump says he would consider meeting Venezuela's Maduro but has 'turned them down': Report

June 22, 2020 7:52 am

But Trump's latest comments were possibly the clearest sign yet of what some U.S. officials have privately said was growing frustration over his administration's failure to unseat Maduro through sanctions and diplomacy.

Venezuela court orders takeover of 2 major political parties

June 17, 2020 2:58 pm

A once-wealthy oil nation, Venezuela is in a deepening political and economic crisis after two decades of socialist rule that has driven mass migration and scarcities of basic goods.

Brazil's Petrobras says it will not hire oil tankers that visited Venezuela

June 13, 2020 4:11 pm

In a statement, Petrobras stated that the company had reinforced to their suppliers that they would not accept offers from ships that had operated in Venezuela during the sanctions period (12 months).

Venezuela to raise fuel prices in historic policy shift

May 31, 2020 8:06 am

“This is a war, my dear fellow countrymen who listen to me, a brutal war,” Maduro said from the presidential palace on Saturday evening. The US is “persecuting any company that brings a drop of gasoline to Venezuela.”

Fourth Iranian fuel tanker enters Venezuela, US slams 'distraction'

May 29, 2020 10:12 am

Maduro accuses the United States of seeking to oust him to control Venezuela's oil resources.

Maduro airs video of American detained in Venezuela plot

May 07, 2020 2:24 pm

Maduro aired a video of Luke Denman on state television in which the 34-year-old Texas native claims he signed a contract with a Florida-based company to train rebel troops and carry out the assault in exchange for up to USD 100,000.

Explained: Why is Venezuela accusing the US of attempt to topple its govt?

May 07, 2020 8:27 pm

A US military veteran, who now runs a private security firm, has claimed responsibility for a failed armed incursion into Venezuela.

Dem lawmakers say Trump's freeze for WHO to hurt Venezuelans

May 01, 2020 1:34 pm

“We believe it is dangerous and shortsighted of the Trump Administration to pause U.S. funding for the life-saving work” by PAHO in Venezuela, the New York Democrat wrote in the letter, which was also signed by Rep.

Nicolas Maduro taps US fugitive to revamp Venezuela oil industry

April 28, 2020 8:51 am

Amid a deepening social and economic crisis, the U.S. and a coalition of nearly 60 nations are pressing Maduro to stand down.

Trump tells Chevron to 'wind down' oil fields in Venezuela

April 22, 2020 9:16 am

Chevron is the last major US oil company to do business in crisis-wracked Venezuela, investing in the South American nation's oil fields and machinery over the last century with an estimated value of USD 2.6 billion.


Water is now gold for desperate Venezuelans

March 27, 2019 8:39 am

Faced with the uncertainty of when it might return, and whether it would be enough, families in Venezuela are conserving as much as water as they can take from rivers or buy at shops. They are bathing, washing clothes and dishes and cooking with just a few liters a day.

Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants enter Peru despite passport rule

August 28, 2018 10:32 am

Peru's economy is expected to grow by 4 per cent this year and many Venezuelans already have at least one relative living in the nation.

Anti-government protests rock Venezuela

February 25, 2015 1:17 pm

The killing of a 14-year-old boy by a policeman during an anti-government protest is raising tensions in Venezuela.