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Venezuela court issues jail sentence for judge accused of corruption by Chavez

Prosecutors later accused Maria Afiuni of taking bribes to free Cedeno. Afiuni denied the charges, insisting she released Cedeno because he had been awaiting trial for longer than allowed by law.

Venezuela frees three journalists held while investigating prison

Critics say Venezuelan prisons are overpopulated and inmates are malnourished, despite government plans to reduce inmate populations.


Specter of coup, surge in violence haunt Venezuela

In a pre-taped video, the group of more than a dozen men in military-style uniforms said they were seeking to restore constitutional order and called for Maduro to step aside in favor of a transitional government.

Few heed call for mass protest in Venezuela's capital

The opposition is boycotting the vote, saying the election rules have been rigged to favor the ruling socialist party and will only serve to tighten Maduro's grip on power.

Venezuela crisis enters pivotal week, Nicolas Maduro foes protest

Critics say the assembly, whose election rules appear designed to ensure a majority for Maduro, is intended to institutionalize dictatorship in the South American nation, a member of OPEC.

Venezuelan opposition announces new anti-Maduro strike

Mass marches were also planned for Monday and Friday in an effort to force President Nicolas Maduro into aborting a controversial July 30 election for a new congress.


Young lawmakers protest Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro regime: Heroes or agitators?

The dozen or so legislators, all in their late 20s or early 30s, belong mainly to the Justice First and Popular Will parties, which are promoting civil disobedience. They do not receive salaries since funds to the National Assembly were squeezed.

Venezuelan troops fire on protesters at airbase, one killed

The protesters who attacked the fence outside La Carlota airbase in the wealthy east of Caracas, earlier burned a truck and a motorbike when security forces broke up a march destined for the attorney general's office.

Venezuela's defense chief warns guardsmen on excessive force 

Speaking at a military event Tuesday, Vladimir Padrino Lopez said he didn't want to see "one more national guardsman committing an atrocity on the street.'' 

Venezuelan 14 year-old killed during anti-government protest

The student was shot in the head and killed during a confrontation between police and protesters.