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Feed your muscles these good quality vegetarian protein-rich food

Will opting for a meat-free diet bring down your protein consumption? Not if you include these good quality vegetarian protein in your diet.

Really veg

Vegetarians are well-advised to not foist their identity crisis on the food items they enjoy.


World Vegetarian Day: How to ensure your veggie child is getting enough nutrients

World Vegetarian Day: Omega 3 fatty acids are found in good amounts in almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

Vegetarian diet does NOT increase cancer risk: Researchers clarify

Researchers of the much-publicised study linking vegetarian diet to cancer say their findings were misrepresented.

Vegetarian diet may up cancer, heart disease risk in Indians: Study

Scientists found evidence that a vegetarian diet has led to a mutation that may make people more susceptible to inflammation, and by association, increased risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

Vegetarian diet more harmful for environment: Study

Eating the recommended "healthier" foods — a mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood — increased the adverse impact on energy use, water use and GHG emissions.


Pay attention to risks of vegan diet

With mounting evidence linking diet to neurodegenerative damage, the trend of vegan diet in India could be a concern for the population.

Gujarat girls malnourished as they are scared of getting fat: Narendra Modi

Chief minister also blames the 'by and large vegetarian' diet in the state.

Vegetarian diet may help men live more than women

Vegetarian diets have been associated with reductions in risk for several chronic diseases.

Turn vegetarian,says Poorna Jagannathan

The 38-year-old actress will feature in an advertisement which will show the benefits of eating only vegetables.