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Power-packed winter vegetable recipes for kids

If you are wondering how to incorporate winter vegetables, there is a recipe attached with the benefits of each vegetable.

Gorge on tomatoes, zucchini, yogurt for healthy summer

Yogurt is made for summer eating. The protein satisfies your growling tummy, which will keep you from overloading on salty, high-calorie snacks. It also adds a dose of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that keeps your digestive system running smoothly.


Subsidy on fruits, vegetables may help reduce death risk

According to a study, increasing the tax rates on junk foods including sugar-sweetened beverages and red meat can reduce the deaths caused by diabetes and cardiovascular diseases while subsidies on fruits and vegetables decreased deaths caused by stroke.

Unseasonal showers wreck vegetable and fruit crops in and around Pune

Supply to city will be affected, prices likely to shoot up.

Eat fruits and vegetables to be mentally fit

The more portions of fruits and vegetables you take in a day, the better are your chances of improving mental well-being.

Agro mall selling fruits & veggies makes debut in city, more in offing

In this model, the shorting and grading is done directly at the farm gate by officials of ATMA and Transcool.


Now, a web portal to track production of fruits and vegetables

Agriculture dept says the ‘first-of-its-kind’ portal will have real-time information on area under fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices.

Govt to set up 106 veggie outlets in Mumbai

The state government has come up with a “novel” way to curb the rising prices of vegetables and fruits.

Uttarakhand to lift market levy on fruits,vegetables

This means no market levy will be charged on them.

Now,combo of plant nutrients to kill breast cancer cells

Researchers tested ten known protective chemical nutrients found in foods.

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7 summer vegetables that you should definitely include in your diet

From bitter gourd, which helps lower the cholesterol levels, to pumpkin that boosts eye health, find out all the health benefits you can avail by eating these summer vegetables that also has hydrating properties.