Valentines Week

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Easy cocktail recipes to spice up your romantic night

Valentine’s week is already upon us. Most couples have already made plans, but if you are one of those who’s stuck at work and have not made reservations, then make alternate arrangements at home and whip up some amazing cocktails to celebrate with your loved ones.

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From shouting ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ to throwing darts at cupid, here’s how singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, from AIB organising shout-out ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ sessions to aiming darts at Cupid — here is where the real party is for singles. Oh, also, there is a man who is offering ‘Boyfriend rental service’ in NCR. You heard us!

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VIDEO: This Valentine’s Day, take inspiration from these POEMS on love, loss and heartbreak

Love encompasses a myriad of emotions including both liking a person and the subsequent heartbreak. It is difficult to write about all the facets of love, so take inspiration from these videos on Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Top Romantic Songs You Can Dedicate to Your Loved Ones

Sing a romantic song, or dedicate a beautiful number that conveys all that you feel about him or her on Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a special evening with them. We have selected seven tracks perfect to play on V-Day.

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Valentine’s Day: When women asked their crushes out on a date, this is what happened

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, British relationship blogger Oloni urged women on Twitter to ask their crush out on a date and later post a screenshot of the response. While some were adorable and made everyone go ‘awww’ on Twitterverse, others left many shocked and baffled.

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Valentine’s Day Special 2018: Plan your date night according to your zodiac sign

Valentine’s Day plans: Beyond science and technology, there’s an energy matrix in the universe, somewhat interesting and unfathomable at times, that play a big role in your life and the connection you share with people. If you are planning a special date this Valentine’s Day, then how about taking some help from the stars?

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Video: This Sikh man hilariously shows how to ‘shoe’ stalkers away on Valentine’s Day

While he starts off by acknowledging how Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, he emphasises, though in a funny manner, on the importance of consent. If you are someone for whom selling products is a matter of earning your daily bread and butter, this young man could be the role model you never knew you had!

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Kiss Day 2018: Things to Keep in Mind Before Kissing Anyone

This Kiss Day, in case you want to go one step ahead and are wondering how to leave your S.O floored with the perfect kiss, you will be glad to know that we have got your back. No, really! Here are five important pointers to keep in mind, while you lean in, with eyes closed hoping for a quick kiss from her/him.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Top Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day 2018 special: Wondering how to make your wife or girlfriend feel special this Valentine’s Day? Here are five gifting ideas that would not only make her feel special on the day, but also will give you both enough memories to last a lifetime.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Top Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your husband or boyfriend with gifts that matters. Taking a cue from their interests and passion, gift them things that are important to them and closer to heart. Here are five unique gift ideas to make the man of your life happy on this special day.

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Happy Kiss Day 2018: Wishes, Images, Best Quotes, Shayris, Photos, SMS, Facebook Status and WhatsApp Messages

Happy Kiss Day 2018: With just a day more to go for Valentine’s Day, people across the world are celebrating one of the most sublime expressions of love on Kiss Day, today. While playfully stealing a kiss could definitely be in the cards for those in love, what better than to start the day reading words full of love sent by your special someone?

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Promise Day 2018: Top promises with your partner to make your love stronger

This Promise Day, take a vow that you will always disturb the person you love. You might not call them baby or cutie but that should not stop you from embarrassing them in public. This Promise Day, take a vow that you will grow old together with the person you love, albeit disgracefully.

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Happy Teddy Day 2018: Best Wishes, Quotes, Images, Shayaris, Photos, SMS, Facebook Status and WhatsApp Messages

Happy Teddy Day 2018: This Teddy Day, if you are far away from your special one or haven’t mustered the courage to tell them about your feelings, then let’s help you out with these lovely messages, quotes and photo cards to send them and brighten their day.

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Valentine’s Week 2018 Special: Why Teddy Day is Celebrated; Importance and Significance for Gifting a Teddy

Gifting a cuddly bear this Teddy Day to your loved one? Make sure you choose the right kind of fluffy toy to communicate your true feelings to your special one. Although the cute animals are available in various sizes and colours, each one connotes a special meaning.

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Teddy Day 2018: Top 10 Teddy Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend and Wife

Happy Teddy Day 2018: From hugging Teddy Bears to making your own teddies this year, here are some 10 cool gifting ideas that you can take inspiration from while gifting your lover a fluffy toy this Valentine’s Week.