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Valentine's Day special: Rekhti, Urdu odes to lesbian love that were suppressed in Awadh

The poets were male, but both the speaker and the subject were female. It reflected a world inhabited by women but more importantly, though, it gave voice to love and desire within the world of women.

Valentine’s Day 2018: Top Romantic Songs You Can Dedicate to Your Loved Ones

Sing a romantic song, or dedicate a beautiful number that conveys all that you feel about him or her on Valentine's Day, and enjoy a special evening with them. We have selected seven tracks perfect to play on V-Day.


VIDEO: Love singing? Learn the language of music created in 1827 by a French musician

In 1827, a French musician named Jean-François Sudre invented a language called Solresol, based on the musical notes — do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do — after he wrote a book titled 'La Langue Musicale Universelle'.

On Valentine's Day, couples share love stories with #WeMetOnTwitter; others share jokes

To chronicle love stories that began on social media, Twitter started the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter, asking users all across the globe to post how they met their "friend, significant other, business partner or someone else" on the networking website. 

VIDEO: This Valentine's Day, take inspiration from these POEMS on love, loss and heartbreak

Love encompasses a myriad of emotions including both liking a person and the subsequent heartbreak. It is difficult to write about all the facets of love, so take inspiration from these videos on Valentine's Day.

Bursting the Valentine's Day bubble: Days that follow the V-Day dishing out doses of reality

While the days leading up to the Valentine's day comprises of exchanging sweet nothings, stealing kisses, holding hands and lingering hugs, the days after February 14 are equally exciting but with terrifying prospects in hold.


Valentine's Day on Mars: Share love with these photos of little hearts from the Red Planet

As people celebrated Valentine's Day on Earth, an astronaut shared a spectacular collage of little hearts found on planet Mars and proved that love permeates the universe. See the pictures here.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not contradict Islamic teachings: Saudi sheikh

Sheikh al-Ghamdi is known for his liberal stances. He published a paper in 2009 questioning the legality of gender segregation in Islam, as enforced by the Commission. 

Performance space facilitating certain culture: MA student decodes Geri Route

“My work is in initial stage, but there are some parameters, through which I am trying to understand the structure where there is so much pressure on young men and women to be part of it,” she said.

No geri on Valentine’s Day: Chandigarh Police crackdown plays dampener on Azaadi Route

“I’ve been visiting this area since my days in school. But it’s a bit of a dampener today. We thought of coming here as it’s Valentine’s Day and the place is usually alive and buzzing with activity”

Valentines Day 2018 Photos

Some CUTE Pre-Valentine's Day moments of lovebirds across the world in pics

From posing for cute selfies to walks along the beach, couples have already started celebrating their bond of love with romantic gestures. Check out some mushy photos of the pre-Valentine's Day celebrations here.