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Don't go 'too far' in 'damaging moves': China tells US

Beijing has warned of retaliation against the order that effectively barred Chinese telecom giant Huawei from the US market.

US-China trade talks to resume despite Trump’s tariff threat

Before Trump’s threat Sunday, the plan had been for Liu to lead a 100-strong Chinese delegation to Washington for talks that were supposed to begin Wednesday. The effect of Trump’s threat was to delay these talks by a day.


Auto tariff war would hurt more than US-China fight: IMF chief economist

Gopinath told Reuters in an interview that such a conflict would affect exports from many more countries and impose retaliatory duties on US goods from numerous trading partners.

US-China trade war is rerouting US import flows: report

US imports of Chinese-made furniture by retailers such as IKEA, Home Depot, Target Corp and Room to Go fell 13.5 per cent in the first quarter.

As latest round of US-China talks end, 'significant work' remains

Washington and Beijing in 2018 slapped import duties on each other's products that have cost the world's two largest economies billions of dollars and disrupted manufacturing and supply chains.

China will retaliate 'in proportion' to any US sanction over Muslim Uighurs: Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Washington Cui Tiankai in an interview said that China's efforts to combat international terrorism are held to a double standard, comparing Chinese actions in Xinjiang to US troops battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.


Chinese national arrested in US for spying on engineers, scientists

He was tasked with providing the intelligence officer in China with biographical information of eight individuals for possible recruitment, according to the complaint.

China to ask Wall Street for ideas on improving US ties

Chinese government officials will aim to reassure the US financial firms that Beijing is genuinely receptive to their ideas.

China push to end reliance on US tech at trade fight's core

Despite the threat from President Donald Trump of tariff hikes on up to $450 billion of Chinese goods, Beijing shows no sign it will scale back plans it sees as a path to prosperity and global influence.

Probe on sound attacks on US diplomats drew blank: China

The evacuation of the US diplomats with mysterious illness comes at a time when the relations between Beijing and Washington were going through a tense phase as the two countries grappled to avert a trade war.