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US soldiers can leave, Afghanistan does not need them: Karzai

Karzai said the war in Afghanistan was “imposed” on his nation, presumably by the 2001 invasion.

Four US soldiers killed in south Afghanistan

A military official confirmed the soldiers were from the United States and were killed by an IED.


1 Dead: Afghan in army uniform fires on foreign troops

Police said assailant was killed in Paktia province,where 3 US special forces were killed before.

Japanese politician to apologize to US after passing sexist remarks

Osaka Mayor had suggested US soldiers in Okinawa to visit brothels to vent their violent frustrations

Last Western detainee at Guantanamo Bay returns to Canada

The last Western detainee held at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay has returned to Canada after a decade in custody following his capture in Afghanistan

3 US soldiers,18 others killed in suicide attack

A suicide bomber attacked US and Afghan forces at a checkpoint in a busy market in eastern Afghanistan,killing 21 people


Can't certify there is no link between ISI and Haqqani: US

A top official says 'Haqqani are killing our soldiers and that Pakistanis could be complicit is troubling.'

Quran stir: 2 more US troops killed

More than 30 Afghans also were killed in six days of violent riots that broke out after the incident.

Risks of Afghan war shift from soldiers to contractors

Even dying is being outsourced here. This is a war where traditional military jobs,from mess hall cooks to base guards and convoy drivers,have increasingly been shifted to the private sector

Car bombs kill 14 in Baghdad,70 hurt

At least 170 people have died in attacks since the beginning of the year