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Imran Khan arrives in US, will meet Donald Trump on Monday

The cricketer-turned-politician arrived here on Saturday afternoon aboard a commercial Qatar Airways flight and is staying at the official residence of the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Asad Majeed Khan.

US withdraws special tax exemption to Pakistani diplomats

The US' move came after Pakistan imposed restrictions on American diplomats in the country and barred them from visiting the tribal belt and Karachi.


US wants Pakistan to cease behaviour undermining regional stability in S Asia: Pentagon

During a Congressional hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Commander of the US Central Command General Joseph Votel told the lawmakers that Pakistan has taken positive steps to assist Special US Representative of Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in facilitating talks with the Taliban.

No decisive and sustained change in behaviour of Pakistan after $2 billion aid freeze, says US

"We've not seen decisive and sustained changes yet in Pakistan's behaviour, but certainly we are continuing to engage with Pakistan over areas where we think they can play a helpful role in changing the calculus of the Taliban," a US official said.

CIA chief says US-Canadian couple held hostage in Pakistan for 5 yrs; contradicts Pak Army's claims

"I think history would indicate that the high expectations for the Pakistanis' willingness to help us in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism should be set at a very low level," the CIA chief said.

US hasn't seen significant change in Pakistan's support to terror groups, says Official

The Trump administration, the official said, is going to do "anything to incentivise the continued support of terrorist organisations as we have in the past year by allowing Pakistan to enjoy the benefits of a warm relationship and with the US".


Donald Trump is taken in by Pakistan’s deceitful acts

It seems the Western hostages were in the hands of good terrorists, the ones that listen to GHQ Rawalpindi, don’t hurt Pakistan and in times of need, dance like circus monkeys for visiting spectators according to the diktat of an ISI colonel. 

Pakistan took key step to do more in fight against terror: US Vice-President Mike Pence

American citizen Caitlan Coleman and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle along with their three children were rescued from the Haqqani network on Thursday after an operation by Pakistani forces.

US intends to work with Pakistan to take down terrorists: Jim Mattis

"We intend to work with Pakistan in order to take the terrorists down. I think that's what a responsible nation does," said Defence Secretary Jim Mattis.

High risk of theft of Pakistan nuclear weapons: US report

Pakistan has the world’s fastest-growing nuclear arsenal, and is shifting toward tactical nuclear weapons, says US report.