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Cybersecurity company finds classified NSA, Army data online

The data contained 47 files and folders that could be viewed, including three that could be downloaded. Some of the data could not be accessed without being linked to Pentagon systems, O'Sullivan said. Many files were marked ``top secret'' or ``NOFORN.''

Israeli spies found Russians using Kaspersky software for hacks: Reports

Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software that is also used by 400 million people globally, including US government agencies, according to media reports on Tuesday.


Traffic to Wikipedia terrorism entries plunged after Snowden revelations: reports

In the 16 months prior to the first major Snowden stories in June 2013, the articles drew a variable but an increasing audience, with a low point of about 2.2 million per month.

Britain's tribunal says spies' internet surveillance was unlawful

But the judges said now that the details of the practices are known, they are within the law.

Freeing the Net

A new report finds India has improved its online freedom ranking. But self-congratulation is not in order.

Apple Inc denies 'backdoor' NSA access to iPhones

A leaked document suggested US National Security Agency had unfettered access to iPhones.


Sweden spied on Russian leadership for US: Leaked NSA files

Another document underlined Sweden's notable access to Russia's communication network.

At Delhi institute,trainers regret not taking Edward Snowden's autograph

Whistleblower worked eight hours and never took smoke breaks,says trainer.

With spies like these

The extent of the NSA’s surveillance may finally shift the discourse on privacy from collusion to action. When the story about the US National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance programme broke earlier this year,Edward Snowden’s revelations were greeted with equal parts hand-wringing and indignation. But there was also a collective shrug. After all,internet users have,for the […]

‘Obama knew about NSA spying on Merkel’

The president 'not only did not stop the operation,but he also ordered it to continue',said a newspaper.