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Stealth bomber for Area 51 crowd? US military unit apologizes for tweet

On Saturday, DVIDS said on Twitter that an employee of its DVIDSHub account posted a tweet that "in NO WAY supports the stance of the Department of Defense. It was inappropriate and we apologize for this mistake."

US military stops counting how much of Afghanistan is controlled by Taliban

The decision to end the assessments, which have been produced in various forms since at least 2010, was published in the latest quarterly report by the US special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction.


Mike Pence warns Turkey against buying Russian air defenses

The United States and Turkey remain at loggerheads over Ankara's plan to buy the air defense system from Russia, which Washington believes would compromise the security of its F-35 fighter jets, made by Lockheed Martin Corp.

US military says airstrike kills 20 al-Shabab in Somalia

The US military command for the African continent says the attack occurred on Monday near Shebeeley in the Hiran region and targeted a training camp used as a staging area for attacks.

US military commander warns that Islamic State group may quickly regroup

Trump has indicated that he is ready to declare victory in Syria, a war that was certain to be featured in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

US service member killed in Afghanistan; second in six days

Thursday's death marked the fourth American servicemember to be killed in Afghanistan this year.


US military aims for USD 1 billion missile defence radar in Hawaii

The USD 1 billion system would spot warheads on missiles headed for Hawaii and other US states, and provide that information to ground-based interceptors in Alaska designed to shoot them down.

US military: Syria bomb kills two coalition troops, wounds five

The military did not say where the incident occurred but it came hours after a local Syrian official said that a roadside bomb has exploded in the tense, mixed Arab-Kurdish town of Manbij that is not far from the border with Turkey.

Pentagon discloses data on sexual assault reports on military bases

The Pentagon announced earlier this year a record total of 6,172 sexual assault reports in 2016, compared with 6,082 the previous year. This was a sharp increase from 2012, when 3,604 cases were reported.

US strikes kill 'dozens' at IS training camps

IS has risen to prominence in the country's civil war targeting both army recruits of the government and Shiites, which it considers heretics. The group's last major attack was a suicide bombing in the government stronghold of Aden last December, which killed 48 soldiers.

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