US mid -term polls

US mid -term polls News

US 2018 elections 'under attack' by Russia, says US intelligence chief

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told a congressional committee that Russia and other foreign entities were likely to attack US and European elections this year and beyond.

US mid-term elections: Gay rights group launches $26M campaign, focuses on presidential constituencies

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation's leading gay rights groups, is launching a $26 million political organizing effort ahead of next year's midterm elections. All six states are expected to have competitive Senate races next fall.


State of disunion

Obama lays out principles, rather than policies, in a surprisingly defiant address.

In GOP’s hands

Obama presidency is now lame-duck. But that doesn’t mean US government will grind to a halt.

Michelle Obama bats for Indian-American Ami Bera

Bera is the only Indian-American in current Congress and third ever person from the community to be elected to the US House of Representatives.