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Sanctions on Iran having effect, but regime change is not US policy: John Bolton

The Trump administration re-imposed sanctions this month after withdrawing from the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran, which Washington saw as inadequate for curbing Tehran's activities in neighbouring Middle East countries.

US campaign against Iran is having an impact: Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Trump Administration want neither Iran nor North Korea to have the capacity to proliferate nuclear weapons, to enrich uranium or build their own weapons programme.


Prepared to work with nations that are reducing oil imports from Iran: US

Last month President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the landmark Iran nuclear deal, re-imposing US sanctions that had been suspended in return for curbs on Tehran's nuclear programme.

Donald Trump tells former US Secretary of State John Kerry to 'stay away' from Iran talk

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who led President Obama's efforts to broker the Iran nuclear deal, cautioned that a "new arms race" was taking place and endangering other weapons reduction treaties.

As Donald Trump challenges Iran nuclear deal, people in Tehran worry

Trump is set to deliver a speech on Iran this week, in which he is expected to decline to certify Iran's compliance in the landmark 2015 agreement.

Donald Trump backs out on campaign promise, keeps nuclear security deal with Iran

Donald Trump has backed away from a campaign promise to scrap a major nuclear security deal with Iran. The Trump administration faced a new congressional deadline yesterday to say whether Iran has curbed its nuclear weapons program in line with the accord.