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India should use diplomatic tools at its disposal to help de-escalate US-Iran tensions

The US-Iran stand-off is wrapped in a “fog of uncertainty”. No one really knows what will happen but what we do know, based on our reading of Clausewitz and understanding of history, is that it could take no more than a false report, a miscalculation or simply an accident for the region to conflagrate into violent conflict.

With Iran nuclear deal on the brink, US vows to choke off Iranian oil sales

Washington has re-imposed tough sanctions on Iran since President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 nuclear accord, which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear programme.


Bolton says way is open for Iran to enter talks with US

US President Donald Trump on Monday targeted Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Iranian officials with sanctions, increasing pressure on Iran after Iranian forces shot down an unmanned American drone.

Trump slaps fresh sanctions on Iran, says 'Let's make Iran great again'

Speaking in Washington on Saturday before heading to the US presidential retreat at Camp David, Trump indicated the government was taking a diplomatic path to put pressure on Tehran by moving to impose new sanctions.

Tehran will respond firmly to any US threat: Iran official

"We will not allow any violation against Iran's borders. Iran will firmly confront any aggression or threat by America," Mousavi was quoted as saying by news agency Reuters.

Saudi seeks oil supply protection as US and Iran face off

Thursday's tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman exacerbated the antagonistic fallout from similar blasts in May that crippled four vessels.


UN chief calls for independent probe into Gulf tanker attacks

The United States blamed Iran for the attacks on Thursday, a charge Tehran rejected. Amid the rising tensions, Guterres said he was available to mediate if the parties agreed.

Tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman stoke security and oil fears, Iran calls incident 'suspicious'

US President Donald Trump has been briefed on the issue, the White House said today. Washington has also accused Tehran of being behind a similar incident on May 12. Four tankers were attacked in the same, vital oil shipping route.

War, what is it good for? The military-industrial complex

Donald Trump’s threat to erase Iran is causing unrest elsewhere.

Iran's Zarif believes Trump does not want war, but could be lured into conflict

Zarif said a so-called "B-team," including Trump's national security adviser John Bolton, an ardent Iran hawk, and conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could goad Trump into a conflict with Tehran.