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Death of Indian girl reflects 'tragic culmination' of a 'broken' immigration system: Sikh advocacy group

The number of Indians crossing the US border from Mexico has steadily risen in recent years, according to immigration officials. They are among thousands of Africans and Asian migrants making the arduous journey, led by smuggling cartels.

US asylum shift targets Spanish speakers, Latin Americans

The Trump administration launched the program in late January in what marks a potentially seismic shift on how the US handles the cases of immigrants seeking asylum and fleeing persecution in their homeland, memos obtained by AP revealed.


$11 toothpaste: Immigrants pay big for basics at private ICE lock-ups

Immigration attorneys say the pricey commissary goods are part of a broader strategy by private prisons to harness cheap inmate labor to lower operating costs and boost profits.

H-1B holders 'frequently' placed in poor working conditions: report

The report comes days after US President Donald Trump said he is soon coming out with reforms that will give H-1B visa holders certainty to stay in America and an easy pathway to citizenship.

US to appeal judge's order barring asylum restrictions

At least 3,000 people have arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, across the border from San Diego, California, with hopes of requesting asylum at a port of entry there

US has highest share of foreign-born since 1910, with more coming from Asia

The new data comes amid President Donald Trump and many Republicans sounding alarms about immigration and suggesting the needs to restrict both the number and types of people coming into the country.


Federal Judge calls US efforts to reunite deported parents 'unacceptable'

The families were separated as part of a "zero tolerance" US government policy toward illegal immigration that began in early May.

Little Honduran girl on Time cover was not taken from mother, says father

The photo was used on a Facebook fundraiser that drew more than $17 million dollars in donations from close to half a million people for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a Texas-based nonprofit that provides legal defense services to immigrants and refugees.

Texas: Five immigrants dead following US Border Patrol car chase

The chase began after a Border Patrol agent noticed three vehicles traveling in a caravan and suspected smuggling. Border Patrol agents stopped two of the vehicles and made multiple arrests, but the third vehicle continued.

Immigrants sue US over end to temporary protected status

More than 200,000 immigrants could face deportation because of the change in policy, and they have more than 200,000 American children who risk being uprooted from their communities and schools, according to plaintiffs in the case filed.