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US: Armed man at Walmart in Missouri says he was testing right to bear arms

Prosecutors have charged the man who caused a panic at a Walmart store in Springfield, Missouri, with making a terrorist threat in the second degree

Mass shootings in Texas, Ohio brings focus back on bulletproof backpacks for students

In a dystopian development, a growing number of companies are offering bulletproof backpacks in back-to-school sales, marketing them to parents who are desperate to protect their children from gunmen.


Texas shooting aftermath: GOP, Democratic senators back bill to bolster FBI gun checks

People convicted in any court of domestic violence are prohibited from buying a gun, but the Air Force has acknowledged that it failed to tell the tell the FBI about the assault conviction of Kelley, a former airman who killed more than two dozen in the Texas church.

Indian-American lawmakers call for gun control laws after concert shooting

The first ever Indian-American women elected to the House of Representatives said 87 per cent of gun owners and 74 per cent of NRA members support those commonsense solutions like criminal background checks.

Las Vegas shooting rekindles debate on gun control laws

In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, and the ongoing tragedy of gun violence in America, this could not be more inappropriate. The American people deserve a vote on legislation that will curb gun violence, including reinstating an assault weapons ban and instituting new restrictions on gun trafficking, Carson said.

Donald Trump to NRA gun lobby: 'You have a true friend' in White House

Donald Trump's candidacy last year was endorsed by the NRA


Soul searching needed on gun control: Obama

The United States is the only developed country on Earth where this happens, said Obama on such shooting attacks.

Poison-laced letters notes to Barack Obama,Mayor Michael Bloomberg had gun threats: Police

Mayor Bloomberg is one of the nation's most potent gun-control advocates.