US government shutdown

US government shutdown News

A look at past US government shutdowns

Past US government shutdowns have done little lasting economic damage but these events can hurt federal workers, rattle markets and shake confidence in the United States abroad.

First day of US government shutdown ends in standoff

Funding for federal agencies ran out at midnight with no agreement in Congress, meaning the second year of Trump's presidency began without a fully functioning government.


US government shutdown starts,Barack Obama hits out at 'extremists'

US in shutdown mode as Barack Obama and Republicans trade charges; tourists to be affected too.

Lurching gold prices mystify traders,undermine confidence

Prices soared 3 percent in just 10 minutes,setting tone for the next 12 hours of trade.

US Congress passes debt deal bill; Obama signs to end 16-day shutdown

Hundreds of thousands of federal staff began returning to work after the bill was passed.

US shutdown continues as Obama rejects House Republican debt plan

White House dismissed the latest proposal,alleging it was tantamount to "ransom".


US lawmakers close to deal to end 14-day-old shutdown

US senators say they are closing in on a deal that would reopen the government.

US shutdown: Senate leaders nearing debt ceiling deal

If Congress fails to raise debt ceiling by Thursday,the US govt will begin to run out of money.

Justice for Pavitra

Delhi University were recently seen vying with each other to lead the 'Justice for Pavitra' campaign.

Shutdown debate moves to US Senate as debt deadline creeps up

The Senate will hold a rare Sunday session to discuss how to reopen the shuttered government.