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Trump criticizes Federal Reserve interest rate policy despite strong economy

Trump said he was concerned about the potential impact on the US economy and American corporate competitiveness from rising rates and a stronger dollar.

US fiscal year deficit widens to $666 billion

Accounting for calendar adjustments, the 2017 fiscal year deficit was $644 billion compared with $546 billion the prior year.


Trump vows tax plan to boost economy; poll cites views on wealthy

Trump on Wednesday said his framework would provide a $500 tax credit to "those who care for an adult dependent or elderly loved one" and that it would substantially increase the child tax credit.

Time to take a hike

Everyone expects the US Federal Reserve to announce an increase in interest rates at its two-day meeting that began Tuesday. Here is why it matters.

Fed’s ‘strong’ growth view faces test amid Greek drama

Officials have indicated that interest rates could rise in June.

Revival and challenge

For India, the upturn in the US economy is reason to cheer, and worry.


Positive for Indian exports, R faces risks

However, the growth figures would induce the US Federal Reserve to hike rates earlier than expected.

US Federal Reserve opens door wider to rate hike next year

The Fed dropped rates to near zero in December 2008 as it battled the financial crisis and deep recession.

Immigration enriches you and me

If migrants are given work permits and brought into the system, they will contribute $45 billion over five years in payroll taxes to the US economy.

Trade policy review: WTO team set to visit India this week

The condition of domestic content requirement has attracted criticism from countries like the US, which have termed it as protectionist.