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Democrat Julian Castro launches 2020 US presidential bid

Julian Castro, 44, the grandson of a Mexican immigrant who would be the first Hispanic elected president, served as secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Barack Obama and has long been viewed as a rising star in the party.

US government partial shutdown: What we know so far

The longest shutdown ever was 21 days that stretched from December 1995 into January 1996, when Bill Clinton was president.


What to look for in US midterm polls today

If Democrats take control of one house, the Republicans will struggle to get legislation passed. In the 2010 midterms, during the regime of President Barack Obama, Republicans gained control of the Senate and obstructed legislation moved by Democrats.

Control of US Senate may hinge on possible Mississippi runoff

It is a scenario that could focus international attention on the Southern state and bring in millions of dollars from outside political groups.

US Democrats seek to make Republican scandals an election issue

The conviction and guilty plea on Tuesday of two former members of Trump's inner circle put a spotlight on the Democratic argument that Republicans have failed to check the excesses of corruption under Trump - but that voters could do it for them.

Donald Trump proposes $15 billion spending cuts, targets children's health program

The proposal comes as the White House and conservative Republicans in the US Congress were edging away from a threat to pick a new budget fight with Democrats after Republicans initially floated some $60 billion in cuts a few weeks ago.


Democrat in U.S. House race in Pennsylvania says opponent concedes

The election, held to replace a Republican who resigned amid a scandal last year, was the latest forceful electoral showing for Democrats, who also won a governor's race in Virginia and scored a U.S. Senate upset in conservative Alabama.

Google Street View, machine learning offer peek into US voting pattern

New artificial intelligence and machine learning technology employed by Google's Street View has been capable of understanding political leanings of Americans.

Tax reforms a scam, rewards corporate America, say Democrats

"There are only two places where America is popping champagne - the White House and the corporate board rooms, including Trump Tower," Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said