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Undeterred by White House threat, Democrats push impeachment inquiry ahead

House chairmen leading the impeachment inquiry planned to issue additional subpoenas for witness testimony and records related to Trump’s dealings with Ukraine as soon as Thursday, lawmakers and aides said, after a pause for the Jewish High Holy Days.

In fiery impeachment row, Trump sees hoax, Democrats a stonewall

Democratic leaders put the White House on notice that the wide-ranging subpoena would be coming for information about Trump's actions in the Ukraine controversy, the latest move in an impeachment probe that's testing the Constitution's system of checks and balances.


Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment

As Democrats and the director of national intelligence worked out key arrangements, Trump's allies erupted in a surge of second-guessing and conspiracy theorizing across the Sunday talk shows, suggesting the White House strategy is unclear against the stiffest challenge to his presidency.

Trump says White House discussing gun legislation; Democrats say talks low-level

Democrats have accused Trump of reversing course after he initially voiced support for tougher background checks following the latest shootings to rock the United States, so that "sick people don't get guns."

US Democrats lay blame on Trump's rhetoric for mass shootings

On Sunday, Trump tweeted praise of law enforcement and said that ``information is rapidly being accumulated in Dayton'' and that ``much has already be learned in El Paso.''

Democrats squabble over health care in second night of debate

Biden charged that Harris' plan would cost $3 trillion after she left the office and would force middle-class taxes to go up, not down. He said that would put Democrats at a disadvantage against President Donald Trump. `


It’s a question Democrats keep hearing: ‘Can a woman win?’

For years, organizations that promote women in politics argued that having multiple women running for president — rather than the one-and-only nature of Clinton’s campaigns — would demystify the idea of a female president.

Democrats strike deal with an obstruction witness, but a court fight looms

The White House is expected to intervene to try to block Donaldson, a former White House lawyer, from answering any questions about her government service.

US House resolution would make it easier to enforce subpoenas

The votes aren't technically necessary, as Democrats already can go to court. But a House vote will give them increased standing if they do decide to file lawsuits.

Tick tock goes the political clock in US as Democrats weigh impeachment

Calls for impeaching Trump have grown louder in the House. Some Democrats say that if the House moves ahead, proceedings would have to be launched this year or it will be too late.