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Bills introduced in US Congress to hold China accountable for human rights abuses

The legislation was introduced in the Senate by Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez and in the House by Congressmen Chris Smith and Thomas Suozzi.

Apple tells US Congress it found no signs of microchip hacking attack

Vice President for Information Security George Stathakopoulos repeated Apple's statements to the press that it never found malicious chips or vulnerabilities purposely planted in any server.


First Muslim woman set to be elected to US Congress

A 42-year-old Muslim woman has won the Democratic nomination to run unopposed for a House seat in Michigan, bringing her closer to becoming the first female from the minority community to be elected to the US Congress, according to a media report.

Indian-American running for US Congress to fight against growing corporate influence

Responding to a question on the response he is receiving from Indian Americans, Gupta said the community has rallied together to make sure that their voices are heard.

US Congress seeks to strengthen defence partnership with India

The legislation will require that the administration track and report the degree to which India "is taking or will take steps" to reduce its inventory of Russian equipment.

Indian-American Aruna Miller in fray to enter US House of representatives

Miller, who came to the US in 1972 at the age of seven, is vying to enter the House of Representatives -- the lower chamber of the US Congress -- from a Maryland suburb of Washington DC. The Senate is the upper chamber.


Mark Zuckerberg's testimony is over, but Facebook scrutiny is just ramping up

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs to prepare himself for more inquiries over Cambridge Analytica and data privacy, even if the US Congressional committees left him largely unscathed.

Facebook CEO Congressional testimony: Mark Zukerberg to appear before Congress today

Facebook CEO Congressional testimony LIVE UPDATES: Mark Zuckerberg is testifying in the US Senate over the leak of nearly 87 million user data to Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to testify before US Congress on April 10,11

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before committes of the US Congress that seek to understand how the Cambridge Analtyica data breache affected the 2016 presidential elections.

US Congress approves $1.3-trillion spending bill, sends to Donald Trump

The votes capped a long struggle by Congress, which was supposed to have approved the government funding by last October 1.