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Mike Pompeo criticises China and long-held US views on country

Mike Pompeo's remarks were the second harshly critical speech about China from a senior Trump administration official in a week. Vice President Mike Pence delivered a similar critique of China last Thursday.

US, China to hold trade talks on October 10

President Donald Trump wants to reach an agreement with the Chinese that reduces the massive trade imbalance between the two countries, which last year climbed to over $539 billion.


Mukesh Ambani loses $2.4 billion in one-day market meltdown

Twenty-one members of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index lost $1 billion or more as investors reacted to stepped-up tensions between the US and China.

US-China trade war sparks worries about rare earth minerals

With names like europium, scandium and ytterbium, the bulk of rare earth minerals are extracted from mines in China, where lower wages and lax environmental standards make production cheaper and easier.

Raja-Mandala: If breaking with China is hard for America, making up with Russia might be harder

Whether Trump cuts a deal or escalates the economic war with China, Delhi can’t continue with its trade policy lassitude. On the other hand, the rejigging of the political relations between America, China and Russia might present Delhi with fleeting strategic opportunities that need to be seized quickly.

Trump says China 'broke the deal' in trade talks, will pay through tariffs

Trump has threatened to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods beginning on Friday after China backtracked on substantial commitments it made during ongoing trade talks, top U.S. trade officials said this week.


Dollar hovers near 6-week low vs yen as US-China trade talks awaited

Markets were nervously awaiting the start of two-day trade talks in Washington later in the global day to see if Chinese negotiators can convince the White House to back down on a threatened tariff hike Friday.

Sensex loses over 250 pts as US-China tensions loom over market

In the morning trade, Sensex was trading 205.12 points, or 0.54 per cent, lower at 38,071.51. Similarly, the broader NSE Nifty was down 63.65 points, or 0.55 per cent, at 11,434.25.

US: China reneged on trade commitments, sparking Trump tariff hike

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who has been an advocate for tough structural changes in China, said Beijing had reneged on commitments it had made previously that would have changed the agreement substantially.

China says will reduce direct intervention of government in industrial sector

The government's pledge to reduce its influence over operational matters in China's manufacturing sector follows an apparent toning down of its high-tech industrial push, which has long annoyed the United States.