US assault on indian

US assault on indian News

California police chief's son charged in assault of Sikh man

The CCTV footage showed the two assailants confronting the victim, who was wearing a turban and walking alone on a sidewalk. The pair are seeking kicking the man and knocking him to the ground, before robbing him and spitting on him.

US Assault: Sureshbhai Patel can speak now, informs Attorney

Till Saturday the Indian community had raised nearly USD 150,000 for the medical treatment of Patel.


‘The way they threw my husband to the ground... I’m scared’

Her nephew Dakshesh said that Shakuntala has been 'disturbed' ever since her son conveyed the news of the assault.

‘Assault would not have happened to a skinny white grandfather’

Patel’s attorney says cops may have thought they would get away as he couldn’t speak English.