Quick Edit: Rahul realises that the power of silence does not lead to power

Rahul Gandhi finally seems to be making it clear that he is willing to take on the responsibility.

Out of My Mind: Now What?

History luckily does not repeat itself. Not exactly anyway.


Khurshid book likely to defend UPA-II rule

Khurshid, sources said, is set to argue there was no wrongdoing in the allocation of licences.

No aid coming from Centre, Didi turns to FICCI for help

She also exhorted the industrialists to invest in West Bengal saying the state had a lot of potential.

Cabinet’s size, shape, form, it all matters

In the past 25 years, whether because of coalition compulsions or the need to appear representative of India’s diversity, Cabinets have been swelling.

CBI chief seeks proof of former agency officials’ ‘links’ with meat exporter

A detailed report has also been prepared by the Finance Ministry on the alleged links of Qureshi with ministers and officials in the outgoing UPA-II regime.


DIPP readies blueprint to boost manufacturing sector

Takes cue from BJP manifesto; prepares briefs to amend labour laws.

The Manmohan Singh legacy: Key achievements and failures

Manmohan Singh will tender his resignation on Saturday.

PM puts Lokpal selection on fast-track

A meeting with members of Selection Committee is being planned towards month-end.

Didi releases party manifestos, reflects ‘national ambition’

The manifestos listed policies relating to electoral and judicial reforms and to bring back ‘black money’ stashed in foreign countries.