Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

UP anti-conversion law


Allahabad High Court: Registration of interfaith union can’t wait for conversion nod

November 19, 2021 6:20 am

The court said that while the state’s Unlawful Conversion Act does not prohibit interfaith marriages, individuals marrying outside their religion “can be subjected to harassment”.

Conversion law: UP says community interest over individual’s

October 26, 2021 7:17 am

The government made the submission in an affidavit filed by Special Secretary (Home) Atal Kumar Rai in the Allahabad High Court, which is hearing a batch of petitions challenging the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2021.

UP timber merchant held under anti-conversion law

July 05, 2021 2:17 am

The complainant told the police that the accused hid his real identity and claimed to be a Hindu. According to police, the two got married. But the complainant has claimed that the accused manipulated and forged a photograph to show that they were a married couple.

UP anti-conversion law: Man held for forcing wife, kids to convert to Islam, says Police

March 21, 2021 10:34 pm

According to police, the woman alleged that her husband tried to kill her and also their children on Wednesday night by setting their room on fire after locking them inside.

UP anti-conversion law overturns social culture of law-making in modern India

January 04, 2021 8:51 am

Overturning accepted principles of justice, the “burden of proof” is on the accused. The law agencies do not have to bother about proving guilt; instead, the accused will have to run from pillar to post to show evidence of innocence

Kannauj man held under anti-conversion law

December 21, 2020 1:44 am

In the complaint filed by the woman's father, Subhash Verma, he alleged that Taufeeq posed as one Rahul Verma to marry his 29-year-old daughter.