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Casteism, untouchability biggest banes of India: Yogi Adityanath in Gujarat

Yogi Adityanath referred to his BJP government in Uttar Pradesh and said that unlike other governments, BJP governments always try to bring development on the lines of 'Sab ka Sath, Sabka Vikas.'

A marriage sharpens caste divide in Kerala village

After girl elopes with upper-caste man in village bordering Tamil Nadu, SC residents agitate in temple alleging they face discrimination, upper castes deny. The settlement, spread over 20 acres, has 460 families, with 133 houses occupied by Chakkliyan families. Other families are of upper-caste Gounders and various Hindu communities.


View from the right: New untouchability

Quoting B.R. Ambedkar, the Organiser editorial says that untouchability has ruined the so-called untouchables, Hindus and ultimately the nation.

VHP says new campaign to end caste bias, untouchability

'Make friends with families of other castes, share happy and sad moments.'

Untouchability, bias is why Hindus convert, admits RSS’s UP face

He was addressing reporters about resolutions passed by the RSS at its All India Pratinidhi Sabha meeting in Nagpur recently.

Biggest caste survey: One in four Indians admit to practising untouchability

Going by respondents’ admissions, untouchability is the most widespread among Brahmins, followed by OBCs.


Degradation and denial

The charade of the abolition of manual scavenging plays on.

At Kochi meeting of SC group, Modi says he is ‘victim of untouchability’

Modi said most reformers in the last century were from backward communities who helped uplift the downtrodden.

TN govt offers incentives against untouchability

The money is used to undertaking development works.

Orissa plans to end untouchability,ban on dalits temple entry

Earlier NCSC chairman Punia had expressed grave concern over ban on entry of dalits into a temple.